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It's time to stop attaching decks to emails

As our friends at Trainiac discovered, the open rate for attached slide decks are terrible — thankfully there's a better way ...
Gregory de Souza on 13 September, 2021

Don't let your script distract you

Writing a script before recording can be very helpful, but misused, can distract you from who matters most: your audience ...
StepTree Team on 12 September, 2021

Shorten 🥱 long emails with 📹 video

Before you hit send on another long but relevant email, here's how to shorten them with video without having to delete any content ...
Gregory de Souza on 30 July, 2021

Quality over quantity

Our mission is to dramatically improve the quality of our communication, one short step a time ...
Gregory de Souza on 04 May, 2021

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